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OGS MANPOWER is an authorized international Recruitment, employment organization having headquartered in Rawalpindi-Islamabad Pakistan. It is a legal Entity under the License No. MPD/2978/RWP registered with Ministry of Human Resources Pakistan. It is a subsidiary Employment organization of  OGS (Pvt.) Limited, which is registered under the Government of Pakistan Act 1984, having Corporate Universal Identification No.0072054 and  further Registered from United Kingdom accreditation system ISO 9001:2008 having specialization in Oil and Gas Industry, Construction, IT, Medical, Transport, Advertising, Hospitality, Hotel, Security and Defense Forces. It provides pioneering end, effective extensive services in Human Resource, Management services like interviewing and recruitment, training and development and also provide the trade testing and other facilities. The motive of OGS is to provide deployment of manpower within the boundaries and globally as well with an objective to adopt professional ethics nationally and internationally in a sophisticated environment to empower the personal skills. While considering the IT growth OGS also provides the world’s one of the best web based Jobs portal facility for the solution of Human Resource Management. OGS assures bright and enhanced future for its seekers and Employers. For bright future assurance please visit us once. - See more at:




OGS (Pvt) Limited. Pakistan

Manpower (Recruitment) -Training –HR Services

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

Company Profile

OGS (PVT) Limited is leading group of companies, providing the following services for Manpower Solutions and Human Resources Management.


  • OGS Manpower (Contractor)
    • Online interview services provider.
    • Management of Visa Processing.
    • Special Services for Manpower Placement.
  • e-Web Portal for Jobs, Internships, and Training,
  • OGS Human Resource Management (Pay roll) /3rd party contractor.
  • OGS Skill Development and Trade Test Center.
  • OGS Consultants General for Oil and Gas Industry
  • OGS Association.




  • ISO certified 9001:2008.
  • OGS (PVT) LIMITED registered under the Government of Pakistan act [section 32 of the companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984)] Corporate Universal Identification No.0072054
  • Overseas Employment promoters vide License No. MPD/2978/RWP.
  • Members of Quality International Study Abroad Network vide reference No. QPK2011010.

Mission of OGS:


The mission of OGS is to provide Best Quality Manpower. OGS provides recruitment services which are equally successful for job seekers / Candidates and employers / recruiters.  Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. We believe in continued growth and increasing the value of our company by providing the Best Services. A company can only be measured by client satisfaction. It is our mandate to provide the best services in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination and committed in providing safe work environment and healthy business.


Vision of OGS:


OGS believes that recruitment begins with a clear statement of objectives, based on the types of knowledge, skills, abilities and other essential characteristics in the recruitment industry. we are committed to consistently provide innovative recruitment solutions by building a strong Professional team focused on market knowledge, relationships and excellence in everything we do. OGS has a vision to become the leader in manpower consultants across the world by building long term positive relationships



OGS Manpower introduces different solutions for the better recruitment in different industries and especially in the sector of

  • Oil and Gas
  • Drilling
  • Construction
  • Bricks and Block,
  • Architecture
  • Furniture and Wood Works
  • Security and Defiance
  • Engineering, Automobile and Transport
  • Air Condition and Refrigeration IT and Telecom
  • Medical, Hospitality
  • Hotel, and Restaurant
  • Insurance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Real Estate and High Voltage
  • Semi Skilled, Skilled and professional Manpower Etc..
  • OGS Manpower has a team of highly qualified, experienced and professional recruitment consultants who know how vital best recruitment is for the success of your business. Whether you need Technical or Managerial Staff, we dedicate our time and required resources to find you the perfect match. Our Human Resource departments are looking out for trust worthy and efficient workers every day. It leads to the rise of recruitment agencies.
  • OGS Manpower Implementing internal quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) by means of our international Experts.
  • OGS Manpower works to attract the best and brightest manpower pool from Asian countries for various types of overseas jobs. We are dedicated to find out optimum match for both, candidates and our sponsoring Organizations.
  • OGS Manpower Provides International Recruitment Service We use expertise of professional recruitment principles, along with a deep understanding of international manpower recruitment processes. We provide comprehensive HR services and recruitment solutions to maximize our clients' manpower potential. The hunt for quality talent can require overseas recruitment of particular skills. Being a global organization, we have placed candidates across the WORLD.
  • Providing Exclusive Resumes Data Bank; Submission of candidate CVs to the Clients for Screening and checking rigorously the CVs of prospective candidates.
  • Arranging for schedule interviewing; After the candidate has been short listed at our end and is ready to face the final interview, we schedule all the arrangements pertaining to ticketing, traveling and accommodation to ensure that the candidate reaches the place of interview, anywhere in the subcontinent in time.
  • Medical Checkup Complying with the rules and regulation of the country we ensure that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job. We get the medical check up done at our end and ask the candidate to undertake the relevant tests. A thorough check up at our end saves significant time and unnecessary complications in foreign land.
  • Orientation program Once the candidate has been selected, before his final departure; we also conduct an orientation program where he is familiarized with different crucial aspects like the work atmosphere of prospective organization, industrial practices, safety issues, labor laws and other relevant issues to avoid any complication.
  • Travel and ticketing arrangements assumes complete responsibility of the candidate, taking care of their traveling documents for the benefit of both, our client as well as the candidate. With our networking and suitable tie ups, we arrange their tickets; provide transport to take them to the airport for departure..




Is a revolutionary new approach in the recruitment? We have a job site that offers both candidates and employers a much improved and much more efficient service. The e-portal contains an advanced system for e-recruitment, which enables job seekers to record their personal data and upload their documents. Our online application system is designed to give prospective employees an excellent opportunity to apply for positions in all fields specially in oil and gas industry. Our extensive database of candidates enables us to conduct an extensive search based upon our Clients’ requirements.




OGS e-Web portal employers get a great chance of promoting their companies. OGS Manpower provides an employer a user friendly environment to lunge in the manpower pool and select the best candidates for their best companies. Employers get full access to post their jobs for several positions. They are free to search in the Resume Data Bank to some extent and get to know about the employee’s potential. Employers are not just facilitated to post the jobs but also for internship offers. In future OGS Manpower would also facilitate the registered companies to negotiate with other companies for business promotions. Employers can also acquire privilege of getting their employees trained through OGS Manpower Institute.


   Employers Functionalities:

  • An employer / company can Register free of cost.
  • An employer can post several jobs regarding different vacant positions.
  • A dedicated refine search option is available for employer to filter the specific candidate by job description, by job title, by specific experience length, by country, and age.
  • Employers/ Companies can display there jobs on home, different levels are available i.e. featured jobs , Top jobs , prime jobs and Oil and Gas companies jobs display.
  • Posted jobs can also be viewed and edited by the employer.
  • Employer can search resumes from our Resume Data Bank.
  • Registered companies also have access to build up their company’s profile.
  • Employers/ Companies can make internships offers as well.
  • Employer / Institutions can offer / Display their courses and training programs.
  • Employer / Institutions can display their publicity ads on different pages of OGS web portal.



OGS e-Web Portal seekers are the most important asset of the OGS Manpower Company. OGS e-Web Portal allows them to search job openings posted by employers and post their resumes for employers to review. Seekers are not just limited to jobs search, they can find and apply for internship offers and the given Training opportunities. Seekers get great chances to show up their potentials and prove their capabilities through OGS e-Web portal


     Seekers Functionalities:

  • A seeker can get register free of cost and maintain his / her account.
  • Seeker can upload or build detailed CV/ Resume.
  • Seeker is allowed to search unlimited jobs.
  • Can apply on relevant unlimited jobs.
  • Seeker can seek internship and Training opportunities.
  • Can apply on relevant internship and Training opportunities.
  • Regular job alerts are sent through OGS mailing service.



OGS Resume Data Bank


  • OGS introduces a data base system in which automation replaces the entire manual process of recruitment.
  • Employee advanced scanning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and imaging technology is to capture an exact image of the original resume.
  • Extract key resume information and inputs into an applicant’s resume data.
  • Provide instant access to resume and skill information in the data base.
  • The system can scan and process up to 200 pages of resume daily. Resume can be faxed or e–mail into data base for processing. When resume is processed, it creates a resume summery containing the key information extracted from resume including;
  • Name
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Degree/Certificates
  • Experience
  • Grade – point average.
  • Work history including dates, companies, job titles and skills
  • Information in the resume summery is stored in the applicant’s data base.
  • The user searches against the data base by building requisitions containing specific skill and experience criteria and then accessing the search function. System then provides a priority list of qualified applicants for review.
  • For recruitment in the country we offer an interview board, if an employer is interested in conducting interview of the candidates which are enlisted on our data base to fulfill the requirements of the employer.
  • For the recruitment in the foreign countries we provide services of teleconferencing for the employee and employers.
  • Notify immediately on employment vacancies through our Website.
  • Inform through our global network of recruiters for the Client’s staffing requirements. We also utilize our own intra-company personal network for locating potential candidates.


OGS Institute of Technology

We have launched an extensive training on Oil and Gas industry as well as other industries. We are specialized in finding simple and cost effective solutions for training.

  • Training institute of OGS delivers Oil and Gas skills-based training courses in Rawalpindi - Pakistan.
  • OGS provides basic awareness training sessions to introduce the oil and gas industry. We cater for every stage of organization’s development path, and provide a wide range of technology, and personal development training courses.
  • OGS boost an unrivalled teaching faculty. All of our consultants have extensive management and technology experience with a track record in delivering high quality courses to professionals in leading oil majors globally.

Job Training at OGS

  • OGS is introducing a variety of job training programs. When an employer seeks to build employee skills and knowledge, they make an investment on candidate career. By growing their abilities, the employer gains a more productive employee – and one can end up with more career power.
  • Co-operative education – university students can acquire alternate study semesters with paid work terms where they work on projects and gain job skills.
  •     Internship – a short-term position with an emphasis on education, not employment
  • In-house training – the employer offers formal or semi-formal sessions to help learning new systems, applications, and procedures and work duties.
  • Computer-based training – to receive training through interactive computer software.
  • Video learning – through watching videos to learn new information and technology.
  • Mentoring – paired with a more senior employee and given personal coaching to help getting up to speed.
  • OGS provides a wide range of courses available to the oil and gas industry to ensure maximum learning. OGS offers comprehensive set of instructional programs designed specifically for the oil and gas sector.  We apply latest method with unique blend of lectures, group discussions and challenging business simulation workshop. The information in courses is delivered by followings:
    • Short video clips
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Still Animations

OGS Association

Working for the welfare of un-employed and poor peoples those having no source of communication and lake of economic resources.


OGS Consultants General for Oil and Gas Industry

  • There is a major contribution of Oil and Gas Industry in the economics development globally. The industry has a compelling and sophisticated business. It is not only supplying two thirds of the world's energy but drives the global economy. The oil industry is a great place to work and build a future. With the world demand for oil always increasing will be solid career opportunities to pursue.
  • OGS successfully creates a live snap shot of the oil and gas work force and its current availability. We facilitate a match process that instantly matches recruiters with available candidates for suitable positions.
  • Employer can post jobs, view applicants and search our LIVE database of candidates for FREE. Our Fee per Match solution means employers can pay a small fee at the final stage, when they have the best possible chance of making a placement. No selection ... No fee!
  • OGS is a recruitment company having key strength in oil and gas sector.OGS has the ability to find the required professionals, within a short span, regardless of the location or time. As we have the ability and experience to source people both from within Pakistan and overseas, both offshore and onshore.


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