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Basic Rig Floorman Course

The 3 Weak course of instruction in Pre Employment Floorman (Roughneck) / Drillers Helper Training will consist of  drilling programs, hands-on rig training, and industry safety programs. Life skills and job readiness will also be included during the program.

Program Outline: Established to train individuals who are looking to work in the drilling industry in whole i.e. oil and gas, service and supply.

A Primer of Rig (Oil well) Drilling and Coring Operations:
Clearly explains drilling to non-technical persons. Drilling rigs have many, many parts and rig personnel do many, many things; as a result, it is hard to make the drilling process understandable. To help students understand, however, this course not only describes parts and techniques in simple terms, it also tells why a part or a technique is necessary. What is more, photos and drawings show the equipment, the personnel, and many of the operations described in text.

Primer of Rig (Oilwell) Drilling and Coring Segments:

  1. History of Oil and Gas industry.
  2. The Nature of Oil and Gas Oil and Gas reservoirs
  3. Companies and people Drilling Contracts.
  4. Rig Components
  5. Normal Drilling Operations
  6. Duties of Floorman and Derrickman
  7. Introduction Drake\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Well and Spindle Cable-Tool Versus Rotary Drilling
  8. The Drill Site Moving equipment to the site
  9. Rigging Up
  10. Extraction and cleaning of core samples
  11. Working safely around track mounted drilling machines
  12. Special Operations and The Future

Roughneck Training Series Video Programs:
Students will also experience making a connection, making a trip in and out of the hole, caring and use of tongs, what are slips and laying down pipe. Students will complete an exercise following each video program.

Video Programs:

  1. An introduction to Oil and Gas and Operations Onshore and Offshore
  2. Makin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Hole: How Oilwells and Diamond Coring are Drilled
  3. Part I: Care and Use of Tongs
  4. Part II Laying Down Pipe
  5. Part III Making a Connection
  6. Part IV Making a Trip
  7. Part V: Care and Handling of Rotary Slips
  8. Safe Practices in Marine and Offshore Drilling and Workover
  9. Handling and Running Casing
  10. The Petroleum Industry
  11. Offshore Fire Prevention
  12. So you wanna be a Floorman and Derrickman? (New Addition)

Supporting tools for delivering this course ( video, slides and powerpoint multimedia presentations ) help show practical application at work. General Safety, Safety Programming and safe operation in handling of equipment will also be discussed throughout the program. Training will consist of 4 days 5:00am-7:30pm (45min= 1 credit Hour, Total 30 Hours). Upon completion of study, students are required to complete a 1 hour closed book final exam with a minimum pass mark of 70 percent.  In addition the following programs are to be completed and OGS (Pvt) Limited will issued the certificate.


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