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Assistant Driller

Iraq, Iraq
Job Code : 103

OGS the home of Employment

Job Details!
4 Years
Entry Level (less than 2 years of experience)
2,000 to 5,000 per month
Iraq, Iraq
Job Description!
Pacific Drilling has an immediate opening for an Assistant Driller to temporarily be assigned to the shipyard in Geoje, South Korea on an equal time rotational basis with a reassignment to an operational drillship in the GOM. The Assistnat Driller assist's the Driller in the planning and execution of all drilling operations for the main or auxiliary well centers. The Assistant Driller will be assigned to work in any area onboard where activities pertaining to drilling operations are being conducted. The AD is responsible for operating all drilling, hoisting and mud circulating equipment, following directions from the well program in accordance with Pacific Drilling policies and procedures, in a safe and efficient manner. Additional Responsibilities:

Comply with Pacific Drilling Code of Conduct and supporting policies, standards and applicable process documentation.
Perform all work according to agreed expectations of both internal and external customers, focus on doing things right the first time, every time and contribute actively to continual improvement activities.
Act as a Safety Leader ensuring the ongoing identification of hazards and the implementation of controls to manage the associated risks with a special focus on Well Control, Permit to Work and Isolation procedures.
Actively participate in holding daily pre‐tour meeting and pre‐job meetings as often as required by the operations. When a deviation from the planned operations is necessary, stop the work, regroup and obtain approval prior to plan and implement the deviation.
Follow standard instructions and maintain good communication with the Driller, Toolpusher and inform of any concern, ensuring any deviation is properly communicated and documented.
Ensure that operations are planned, organized, supervised and executed in accordance with well programs, rig move plans, Pacific Drilling requirements and contractual obligations.
Perform the Drilling Department's daily checks, i.e. manifold line‐ups, tubular tallies, QHSE checks (including DROPS surveys), etc.
Assist Service Partners with the preparation of equipment for upcoming drilling operations.
Organize and supervise the drilling crews for all operations.
Operate the pipe handling equipment for both main well and offline activities.
Assist and relieve the Driller during drilling operations.
Read and interpret various gauges and meters relating to the drilling operations and assist the Driller in maintaining records and logs.
Maintain accurate record of tubular and tool dimensions in the hole (for instance but not limited to: internal and external diameter, fish neck, serial numbers)
Maintain accurate records of drilling line ton‐miles and assist the Driller ahead of time with the planning for Slip and Cut operations.
Maintain an organized drilling equipment store and records of tubular, subs and fishing tools inventory.
Ensure the solid control equipment and mud mixing operations are being monitored constantly and keep accurate records of fluid displacement when running tubular in or out of the hole.
Implement, follow and regularly review Pacific Drilling work instructions, ensure they are understood and observed by all drill crews.
Demonstrate leadership support for Pacific Drilling's Competence Management Program and implement all program requirements to ensure direct reports have the necessary competencies, training and skills to perform their job.
Provide regular mentoring, appraisal and feedback to direct reports.
Maintain the hygiene and housekeeping onboard the rig floor and associated areas to Pacific Drilling standards with a particular focus on clear escape routes and walkways.
Assist in the supervision of all preventive maintenance or maintenance repairs occurring on drilling equipment.
Assist in the planning and conducting of well control drills and ensure Well Control emergency procedures and responses are fully implemented and crew competencies/tickets valid and current.
Provide detailed written handover at end of shift to the relieving Assistant Driller.

Skills Required!
Three years offshore experience including time on a floating rig (preferably drillship).
Fluent English communication skills (oral and written)
Demonstrated leadership and organization skills
Completion of all training and certification requirements for the Assistant Driller position as described in the Pacific Drilling training matrix.
Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit and control of the well.
Terms & Condition!
assistant drillers required to work on a top drive cyber chair triple drilling conventional in south Australia.
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